May 2016: A ‘Safe Place’ Visualization for Calming Your Body and Soul

Safe Place Visualization Exercise

This is an exercise that will enable you to create a safe place in your imagination to help manage any overwhelming feelings, images, and sensations you might be experiencing. It can help create a sense of safety and calm if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Allow yourself 5-10 minutes to complete it so you don’t feel you need to rush through it.


  • Think of an image that evokes calm and safety for you.
  • This place can be real or imagined, outdoors or indoors (e.g., beach, forest, your bed or couch). Maybe you have been there before or maybe you’re just creating it now in your imagination.
  • You may want to go there alone or with some person or pet that makes you feel safe and peaceful. You are in control of this safe and calm place. There is nothing worrying you here; it is full of beauty, comfort, and peace.
  • Focus on this image for a few moments and strengthen the image in your mind.
  • Then, notice any pleasant sensations and emotions you are experiencing in your body. What kinds of sensations are you experiencing (texture, pressure, wind, temperature)? What are you tasting, seeing, or hearing in your safe, calm place?
  • Notice where you feel them and allow yourself to enjoy each for a few moments.
  • Now, think of a word or two that describes the image in your mind (it could be ‘relax’ or ‘ocean’ or something like that). No need to say this word out loud.
  • Think of the word and the image together, allowing yourself to again experience the pleasant sensations and a sense of emotional security and peace.
  • When you are ready, re-orient yourself to the room you are in. Slowly open your eyes. Look at the floor first in a corner and then slowly let your eyes travel up to the ceiling and back to the floor.

Peace to you and your household,


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