Feb 2015: It’s About Time

It’s About Time

This month I am thinking about time…
it’s about time, for the time-being, being-time, the time for being
having time and spending time, creating time, inhabiting time…
and It’s about the length of days
the shortness of years
and the even shorter seasons and decades
that I’m pondering at this time.

What do I want to discover and practice in this time, in this year?

I want to move closer to wisdom
to press in shoulder to shoulder with great thinkers and doers
to witness and occupy their living-into and breathing-out-of life
to graft into their generosity, genuineness, compassion, and convictions.

I want to attend more to words and choruses
to offer my voice or to pause in reflection and warm silence
to discern which of these is needed in real time
to record experiences of being-in-time with paper, pen and grounded insight.

I want to seed my life with rest and restoration
to sustain movement that nurtures spirit, body, soul
to water and weed for abundance and exuberance
to supplant musts and shoulds and “Well, they say…”
and to authenticate the falsehood of a balanced life.

I want to participate in small pockets of time and being-ness
to pray, create, write, reflect, breathe, make music, witness
to place time on the altar and foster kindness, presence, and peace on earth
to live out a generous orthodoxy in spirit, mind, custom and ritual
to give up grasping and gasping for more time
to live into my time liberally and attentively.

Selah (pause and calmly think of that).

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