Starting a Story

I am approaching 2014 with enthusiasm and expectancy. After a busy and somewhat challenging fall season, the winter now stretches before me full of promise and potential. As I consider the coming year, a favorite mottos comes to mind: Where there is chaos, create order; where there is order, create chaos. 
I like that idea that both order and chaos are desirable states and that each are valuable constructs for managing the diverse seasons we all experience. In other words, change, vision, and celebration are as necessary as rhythms, patterns, and rituals. Repeated practices might get the planning and work accomplished but chaos allows for creativity and imagination to inform all that hard work into a life brimming with meaning and purpose.
As you go forward into 2014, I hope that you are able to walk forward with a clear vision of your preferred future and self. If this seems to be unclear or impossible right now, continue to walk around in your story and have a dialogue or a new encounter with it (Henri Nouwen).  Approach it in a way that creates more space for what has been created and held in trust for you. Is there a second story, or perhaps a tenth, that begs to be told, lived out, and appreciated? Keep rummaging around in it and exploring what could be.
As always, I look forward to hearing about your travels. If it seems right to you, send me an email and let me know how you are doing these days and what you are up to. Or come in and tell me yourself. I would love to see you!
Peace be to you and your household,

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