“I thought my life would be different than this”

“What happened to the life I always thought I’d be living by now?”

“Why can’t I figure this out and just move on?”

“Am I going to feel this way forever?”

Most of us will experience a time in our lives when we feel “stuck” or overwhelmed by a problem. We never imagined we would go through this struggle, this sadness, this way of life, or this empty feeling and we can’t see a way out of it.

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So, how did you get here and where do you want to go? What story of your life do you tell now and what do you want to change about that story going forward? What strengths, resources, and strategies can you re-discover and use? What information or skills would be helpful in solving this problem?

In the first few counselling sessions, we begin with an identification of the problem and then explore options for hope, discovery, and change. At Second Story Counselling, you will experience empathic listening, recognition and expansion of resources and strengths, and support and information that will help you work through the difficulties you are experiencing.

Second Story


Shari van Spronsen, MC, RCC

For the past 20 years, I have worked for individuals and couples with diverse problems and challenges related to depression and anxiety, relationship stress, difficult life transitions, grief and loss, trauma and abuse (including physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual abuse). I have a Masters degree in Counselling and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor.


My counselling style is collaborative, client-centred, solution-focused, and practical. I believe that a non-judmental and non-pathologizing framework creates a safe space for reflection, discovery, and change. My core values are compassion, genuineness, and respect for all people. Within this context of practice and values, creating solutions and regaining hope for a preferred future becomes possible.

What people say about me

"I came to Shari surrendered. I knew that I needed to change something about myself but I just couldn't figure out how. Shari helped unravel my life and walked me through happenings in my past that may be causing my behaviour today. She provided me with ways to be aware of myself, my feelings and showed me ways to control them. Shari has been a huge help to me and I can honestly say, I am changed. Although I have a lot further to go, I feel I am on the right track. Thank you Shari".


What types of counselling are available?

Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling

1.0 hr. one-to-one counselling sessions specific to your questions and struggles

Couples Counselling

1.5 hr. counselling sessions with your partner, sibling, or family members

Couples & Family Counselling
Pre-Marriage Mentoring & Counselling

Pre-Marriage Mentoring & Counselling

for couples considering marriage or committed cohabitation.

Expressive Arts Therapy

for individuals who want to coalesce counselling sessions with fine arts (e.g., painting, digital or written work).

Expressive Arts Therapy
Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling

explore ideas and struggles related to spirituality, faith, and faith communities

Shari is an approved off-core lands service provider for the Nisga’a First Nation

What Types of Problems Would You Like to Explore?

I have worked with individuals, couples, and families to create options for change and healing in areas related to...

  • Identity (Young Adult, Midlife)
  • Couples Conflict
  • Family Conflict
  • Depression
  • Abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Grief and Loss
  • Adjustment & Change
  • Transitions and Life Review
  • Personal Growth
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Stress
  • Trauma

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